Whole Brain Project Management

(Delivered in partnership with NDP4Results)

There are some people who have ideas, some people who can analyse ideas, others who can sell them and then some who can implement them successfully. For break-through results, however, you need a team—a team of talented individuals who specialise in these four areas. That’s where versatile project management comes in—the team needs to be co-ordinated.

Since the 1950s, project management has moved well beyond the engineering, manufacturing and construction business sectors. As projects moved into the public sector, distribution, services, advertising, HR and change management, the left brain focus of the techniques still prevailed causing considerable friction within more right-brained environments.

Whole Brain® Project Management directly addresses those issues: how to get the diverse, specialised disciplines to work in unison.

This program is based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoKTM) which provides the necessary rigour for project efficiency and clear direction. (This program, however, can easily be adapted to align with PRINCE2 and, in particular, Agile Methodologies.)

The HBDI® provides the guiding principle for the left and right brained specialists to communicate effectively.

Whole Brain® Project Management provides a map for the project team, aligning the diverse disciplines to operate in unison.


How it works

This program is designed as a 1-day intensive workshop using live case studies and workplace examples as the basis for the learning. Participants are formed into 3-5 person groups to work through the principles in a pragmatic, experiential manner to maximise relevance to their live environments. This is aimed at newcomers to project work, people needing a refresher course and/or more experienced participants who wish to consolidate their skills.

The foundation program can then be complemented by a further 1-day workshop (consecutive or within 4 weeks) that is aimed at project managers who are/will be running a project team and wish to develop their management/people skills.

Following these programs, there are optional follow-up sessions every month either as 1⁄2 day workshops or as team progress meetings with individual teams working on specific projects.

Throughout the development, on-line and telephone support is provided to address issues and requirements as they arise.

One-on-one coaching is available for participants who wish to gain formal qualifications in Cert IV or Diploma in Project Management, PRINCE2 and/or Agile Methodologies.

The Benefits

  • The program is aimed at developing the whole team (both as individuals and as an integral unit)
  • The optimum blend of structure and flexibility encourages creativity but within an adaptable framework to optimise effectiveness and efficiency
  • Mutual team development occurs progressively and in a much more intuitive manner than traditional process-driven methodologies
  • Turns problems into opportunities
  • Increases morale and sustained levels of self motivation
  • Can be carried over into mainstream, business-as-usual activities and processes

Who should attend?

This program is equally valuable to:

  • new teams, looking for a foundation in project management
  • existing, high performing teams who want to excel further
  • any level of management
  • subject-matter experts within specialised disciplines
  • program/project office managers who maintain an overview of projects/programs.

Speak to a Whole Brain® Strategist to see if this module is right for you.