Whole Brain Branding

Discovering your DNA

(Delivered in partnership with Thiink)

“Brands may live in the hearts and minds of consumers but they’re not born there! They’re created and then nurtured in the imagination of those who work on the business.”

Thiink Consulting

Your ‘Brand’ is not a logo, it’s not an advertising tag-line, it’s not what you make or what you do.

It’s all of those and more.

Your Brand is the synthesis of your values, your style and personality, your purpose, your product and service promises, your history and your credibility.

It’s the DNA of what you have become and what you will evolve to be in the future.

Your brand is the cornerstone of your culture. By defining your brand in simple human terms, you can transform your team’s ability to collaborate, share a vision and motivate them to deliver consistent value to your customers.

Knowing the fundamentals of your brand establishes the criteria that guide all key decisions for the development of your business – from new product development to marketing communication.

Research has proven that strong brands enjoy higher operating profits and profit margins, command higher prices and attract better people.

Why Whole Brain Branding?

We all have a tendency to see brands through the filter of our individual thinking preferences. But brands must appeal to all thinking preferences or risk alienating segments of the target market.

Whole Brain Branding uses the multiple perspectives of Whole Brain Thinking to develop a holistic distillation of the brand’s core promise.

Who should attend?

Managers and Supervisors, Customer facing staff, New Product Development Teams and Strategists (all participants need to complete an HBDI online profile).

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • ŒŒfully understand how your ‘brand’ can create a competitive advantage for your company and its products.
  • ŒŒunderstand your brand from multiple perspectives and be able to define its core promise is a single, simple phrase.
  • ŒŒknow what claims your brand can make that will represent real value to your customers.
  • ŒŒunderstand the behaviour they need to adopt to build the brand both inside and outside the organisation.

Final Deliverable

The Brand Helix report. This document creates a single cohesive explanation of day’s outcomes. It explains the Brand’s DNA and core consumer promise in simple terms and can be used to create solidarity among your staff, a sense of shared purpose, and is an excellent means of inducting newcomers to your company.

Typical time investment

One day, or two half-day sessions with groups of between 6 and 20 people.

About the Facilitator

Nick Souter has been a creative director in advertising for over twenty years – working in London, Tokyo and Sydney where he led Leo Burnett to be voted Agency of the Year three times.

He’s worked in all categories and all media.

Since leaving the industry he’s had three books published internationally in the series ‘Creative Business Solutions’.

He’s a Certified HBDI® Practitioner and developed the Whole Brain® Branding Program over a number of years while working as a brand consultant to a number of international companies.

Since then, Whole Brain® Branding, has helped define and refine the core proposition for the products and services of organisations such as:

  • Rebel Sport
  • ŒUnilever
  • ŒŒQantas Credit Union
  • BOQ Specialist
  • Atlas Pearls and Perfumes
  • Platinum Asset Management
  • A-Mart All Sport
  • ŒŒAl Media
  • ŒŒNorthcott Disability Services
  • ŒŒInvestors Mutual LTD
  • ŒŒFoxtel
  • ŒŒLifestyle Channel
  • ŒŒChannel V
  • ŒŒxyz Networks
  • ŒŒFresh Produce Group of Australia
  • ŒŒCity of Melbourne
  • ŒŒABN Amro
  • ŒŒRural Funds Management
  • ŒŒComplete Campsite
  • ŒŒPwC

Speak to a Whole Brain® Strategist to see if this module is right for you.