ThinkAbout Teams

Collaborate effectively, draw on the team’s full diversity of thinking and talent and apply Whole Brain® Thinking to improve their team interactions and outcomes.

ThinkAbout Teams is a group learning program, built on the foundation of Whole Brain® Thinking.

Our clients use this program with their employees to build on Whole Brain® concepts and how they can be applied to team interactions and productivity.

Learning Sections

Each section is 1 hour, and designed to stand alone or as part of the full program.

  1. The Value of Team Diversity
  2. Exploring Your Team Profile
  3. Building the Right Team
  4. Go Team, Go!

Learning Objectives

  • Discover the value of diverse thinking in teams
  • Explore the team’s HBDI®-Profile, including the team’s collective thinking strengths and challenges
  • Use Whole Brain® Thinking to strengthen the team’s interactions and performance
  • Assess the team’s level of Whole Brain® functionality, pinpointing opportunities for improvement and identifying other strengths
  • Plan a real project using a Whole Brain® approach

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