ThinkAbout Decision Making

Develop the thinking agility to deconstruct complexity and make faster, more effective decisions.

ThinkAbout Decision Making is a group learning program, built on the foundation of Whole Brain® Thinking.

In this program your employees will learn how apply Whole Brain® Thinking to plan the best decision-making approach and make more productive, objective and efficient decisions, no matter how complex or ambiguous the situation.

Learning Sections

Each section is 1 hour, and designed to stand alone or as part of the full program.

  1. Whole Brain® Decision Making
  2. Personal Dynamics of Decision Making
  3. Team Dynamics of Decision Making
  4. Let’s Play Ball!

Learning Objectives

  • Leverage your thinking preferences in making decisions.
  • Be mindful of aspects in your decision making that receive less attention.
  • Use the Whole Brain® Pre-Decision Filter to prepare yourself to make decisions.

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