ThinkAbout Communicating

Bridge the communication gap and develop the skills to quickly connect, listen and understand, and be understood.

ThinkAbout Communicating is a group learning program, build on the foundation of Whole Brain® Thinking.

Our clients use this program with their employees to to build on Whole Brain®concepts and how to apply them to their communication and presentation skills

Learning Sections

Each section is 1 hour, and designed to stand alone or as part of the full program.

  1. Whole Brain® Communication
  2. Knowing Your Audience
  3. Communicating in the Workplace
  4. Presenting Your Ideas

Learning Objectives

  • Explore how thinking preferences affect communication styles and how to adapt their communication style to the thinking preferences of others
  • Recognize how across-quadrant thinking preferences affect communication
  • Learn how to use the Whole Brain® Communicator to plan written and oral communications
  • Analyze messages and personalize messages to match the thinking preferences of the recipient
  • Present ideas in a Whole Brain® way, applying the four tips for better communication to create impromptu messages and move people to action

Are you evaluating solutions to improve communication within your organization?

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