Pitch Doctor

Winning Opportunities

Pitching for competitive business is easy. Consistently winning it is not so easy… until now. The Pitch Doctor approach has been applied to hundreds of competitive pitches across 10 countries over 20 years. The result has been an 88% client pitch success rate and billions of dollars of new business won.

The data behind the pitch methodology is based on what works in the real world: ‘win/loss’ post pitch customer interviews and years of application, insights and improvements to the pitch process.

The training and models are built on ‘Whole Brain Thinking’ methodologies which answer the following key questions:

  • Who do we need to focus on?
  • What is our value proposition?
  • Why would they choose us over the competition?
  • How do we influence the people that count?

This can be a stand-alone training course or a holistic program including Pitch Doctor Coaching that focuses on application to win a specific bid.

Delivered in partnership with Total Inter Action.

Total Inter Action


  • Take a whole brain approach to planning and client engagement
  • Maximise team effectiveness and focus using the pitch roadmap
  • Understand the political landscape and establish where to focus your influence efforts
  • Understand your competitive advantage and competitive threats
  • Develop and gain commitment to your value proposition prior to the pitch
  • Know what key information to uncover to maximise the persuasiveness of your proposal
  • Ask questions that uncover and develop decision-maker needs and perceptions
  • Build trust and credibility with key decision-makers prior to responding
  • Structure persuasive pitch presentations
  • Deliver persuasive presentations that engage and persuade
  • Receive one-on-one coaching and feedback on application of skills and models

Key Areas

  • Competitive Pitch Approach
  • How your thinking impacts your approach
  • Pre-pitch planning
  • Setting objectives
  • Influencing
  • Questions that uncover need
  • Responding persuasively


Available as F2F or Blended Learning.

Instructor led, highly experiential (learn by doing) using video, discussion, presentations, communication exercises, and business simulations.


3 Days face to face


2 hour Virtual Sessions + 2 Days face to face

Optional – Pitch Doctor Coaching*

*Participants must have completed training prior

Speak to a Whole Brain® Strategist to see if this module is right for you.