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HBDI® eCertification is a blended, e-learning program delivering all the skills and experience you required with the advantage of participating remotely. You’ll be able to set the time and pace of your pre-work using a Learning Management System, and complete the course requirements over a 17-day learning journey. Three virtual live classroom sessions are highly interactive and facilitated to help you apply the course-work knowledge gained.  You will be certified at the conclusion of this program and able to roll out your HBDI and Whole Brain® Thinking solutions immediately.

HBDI® eCertification prepares you to use, apply and interpret the range of HBDI® Reports for individuals, teams and groups of any size.  Our Certified Practitioners work in many disciplines including HR, learning & development, management consultancy, organisational development, executive coaching and many more professions.

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What Makes HBDI® Certification Different?

Master Trainers and Future Training

Our master trainers use the latest techniques to build each candidate’s knowledge and confidence so they become ‘multilingual’ in the language of the Whole Brain® Thinking Model and four different thinking preferences.

HBDI® Certified Practitioners can attend additional training days and workshops to refresh and further develop their facilitation and delivery skills – and give you the confidence to run our programs with the most challenging of groups.

Access to Tools and Resources

Participants get the tools and practice to prepare them to implement Whole Brain® solutions at the individual, team and organisational levels.

Our Practitioner Portal is a dedicated on-line resource library of case studies, articles, videos, images and white papers along with a comprehensive range of marketing and presentation material that you can download and incorporate into your programs.

Creating a Culture

Creating a culture of Whole Brain® Thinking requires an intimate understanding of the HBDI and how it can be applied within your organisation.

Herrmann Certification gives you this understanding – and it’s a highly cost-effective option for any organisation wanting to widely embed Whole Brain® Thinking within its people, processes and strategies.

As an HBDI® Certified Practitioner, You’ll Be Able to:

Use, interpret and apply the Whole Brain® System, concepts and programs, including the HBDI® family of assessments

Deliver learning solutions that result in real business impact

Help individuals, teams and the entire organisation unleash their collective intelligence

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How Do I Get Started?

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See what HBDI® Certified Practitioners Think

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Whole Brain® Thinking is one of the models that always resonates with our community, no matter their background or specialisation. It brings people together in common language and action, and creates an amazing building block to break down communication and collaboration barriers. It’s our go-to at all times, even in these unprecedented times of change today, Whole Brain® Thinking is our foundation for bringing people together.

Kathryn AndersonWestpac

I recently completed the Herrmann eCertification program to become an HBDI Certified Practitioner. I found this online delivered certification excellent. Conducted by a master facilitator, the sessions were engaging, captivating and highly effective. I learned from the facilitator and from observing other participants practice their skills and by giving them feedback and, in turn, being observed and given feedback by them. The sessions were executed seamlessly across three days and my learning gain was outstanding. As a virtual facilitator myself, I understand how challenging effective online delivery can be – my experience here was nothing short of inspiring as a facilitator and exactly what I had hoped for as a participant.

Tim LittlejohnIBM Australia & New Zealand

I really enjoyed the HBDI Certification course last week!  Andy was a very competent presenter and added a lot of value to the course.  I particularly enjoyed the individual debrief session and will be using the instrument and the whole brain thinking methodology in the design of our induction course ongoing. Overall,  it was a great use of my time and very practical.

Nick PreshawANZ Australia

The training for certification was informative and enjoyable and helped me to fully appreciate the benefits of the Herrmann Whole Brain model. I love the feedback sessions with our Firbank Grammar staff, enabling them to understand their own thinking and appreciate differences within their faculties. We also use the HBDI with our Year 11 students to prepare them for VCE. This is a fun activity highlighting the students approaches to study and understanding how to use the whole brain to enhance their potential. The Herrmann team are supportive and very keen to solve any administration concerns. A truly great instrument.

Jennifer Vincent-GreenFirbank Grammar School

Working through the accreditation process using the HBDI model really helped to cement in my mind the potential of this tool.  My personal preferences were accommodated and challenged in the right measure, which really helped me to get the most out of the session.  Since returning to the business, I’ve been able to apply my knowledge in my day-to-day work and am working with others in the business to grow their understanding of how our thinking preferences support us in our work.  I would highly recommend gaining your HBDI accreditation if you want to learn more about how you can improve the way you work, support others to reach their full potential and support teams to work well together and increase their effectiveness.

Andrea MurasSBS

My HBDI Certification was an enjoyable, valuable learning experience – a great balance of theory and practice and I left the workshop full ideas for practical application and implementation. The certification process was well communicated, straightforward and I’ve felt supported throughout the journey.

Laura Ferguson - Organisation Development ConsultantCancer Council NSW

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