We’re all bombarded with email. The temptation to delete, file or ignore is real.

The Real Reason They’re Not Reading Your Emails

You've just experienced the power of context. Your brain searches for it constantly. And while it searches, you won't be paying attention to anything else.

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How to be a great leader: the secret is vulnerability

The world is full of CEOs and leaders who think they know it all. The tech industry is especially guilty of it. Jeff Bezos,...
Agile thinking

How change affects intuitive thinkers and what you can do about it

According to the Whole Brain® framework, workers who prefer relational and experimental thinking styles tend to be more intuitive. They use their gut instinct...
Brain trust blueprint

Brain Trust Blueprint: The #1 Trait of Unbeatable Teams

Teams have never been more important in business. But with the demands and complexities of today’s work environment—not to mention the challenges of working...
Building the right team for your start-up

Who you need on your team: how to build the ideal team for your...

A business is only as strong as the people working in it. This is true of any business, but when it comes to a...

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