Why is communication in your company lacking?

It’s no secret that communication is the backbone of any successful organisation. Yet many companies struggle with perfecting their communication processes.  Take, for example, the...

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3 filters for sorting through the neuroscience “buzz”

The last decade has seen a frenzy of neuroscience research, leading to an avalanche of new findings and interest in the field. But along...

How Will You Adapt? Cognitive Diversity And The “Next Normal”

The impact of COVID-19 on our ways of working has been staggering. The most obvious, the shift to remote work, has impacted organisational cultures...

The Overwhelmed Employee

Have you ever sat in your office wondering how on earth you can cope with it all? Most of us have felt buried by...

Become an Agile Thinker – Every day

Thinking Agility is like physical agility. The more often you try it the easier it gets. With agile thinking you can adapt your thinking...

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