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Thinking Agility is like physical agility. The more often you try it the easier it gets. With agile thinking you can adapt your thinking...

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How to move from fear to optimism!

What’s holding you back?  Whether it be in our personal or professional lives, there are a slew of habits that can hold us back from...
A family sitting at a table

Get the most out of your HBDI® profile: Working from home and family life

Have you ever met someone and wondered why - despite how hard you try - you just can’t seem to get along? Many of...
A woman standing in front of a whiteboard

Entrepreneurial Thinking and Teaching with Your Whole Brain®

This article is a guest post from Ashley Blackburn, Director of Programs at Uncharted Learning. Do you know what your brain “looks” like? I didn’t, until...
Neuron Brain

What Does a CEO Brain Profile Look Like?

CEOs and key leaders need to be more agile than ever in today’s onslaught of change. This requires a stretch for many leaders. Our data...

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