When you tap into different styles of thinking you unleash the power of Whole Brain® thinking.

Thinking Agility: What, why, how

Thinking agility is all about being able to move between different thinking styles when a situation calls for it. Why is this so important? Let's explore.

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Better communication

More is Not Always Better: How to Improve Communication at Work

No one listens. It’s one of the most common complaints across workplaces, industries, jobs, even in our personal lives. It doesn’t matter how much...
Change Management

Why agile thinking should be at the heart of any change management plan

Change is hard. Just ask Borders Bookstore, who went bankrupt after a strategic change saw them investing heavily in CDs and DVDs, right as...
The importance of humans in the age of AI

The importance of Whole Brain® Thinking in the age of Artificial Intelligence

From how we fly our planes to how we order our pizza, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are transforming how humans experience their...

Watch Now: Think Like Your Future Depends On It, Because it Does

For most of our lives, we’ve been told that to be a success you need to become an expert. First find your sweet spot—what...


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