How can you be more engaging as a leader?

The engagement debate: Why leaders need to invest

Employee engagement should be a core focus for any business. What can leaders do to better engage their team members? Let's explore.

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Hot air balloons

Comparing Employee Assessments: DiSC® and the HBDI®

Choosing the right employee assessment for your team or organisation can be confusing. Many instruments overlap in what they measure and how they're used....

How to build a positive workplace culture with Whole Brain® Thinking

According to a study by Deloitte, 94% of executives and 88% of employees believe workplace culture is important to business success. That’s because an...

Innovation + Acceleration = Value Creation

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Adrian Jobson, director of Acculture, for just over three years. With a Master of Business, Organisational Change and...

Thinking Agility – Developing your Mental Muscles

Agile thinkers have the ability to consciously shift their thinking style. According to the Whole Brain® Model framework, agile thinkers are able to switch...

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