Learn Something New Every Day with these 10 Tips

Learning is all about the process. It’s not an outcome, but a set of actions. In order to grow you must keep learning. Here at Herrmann, we view learning as a mental process that leads to lasting change in knowledge, behaviour or both.

Action takes a lot of forms. It doesn’t necessarily require a six-week commitment to a development course or participation in a leadership lecture. It can be as simple as taking advantage of the everyday learning opportunities that present themselves to you.

New opportunities to learn are everywhere. You just have to be looking. Here are a few of our favourite tips for finding ways to learn something new every day: Read more

You Can Build the Workplace of the Future: Here’s How

Do you feel inspired in certain environments? Stifled and stressed in others? It’s not just your imagination. There are scientific studies that explain why most people hate working in cubicles, or why we’re better at conceptual thinking when we’re in rooms with high ceilings.

In his TEDx Talk, Designing a Better Future, architect Scott Wyatt explores the power of design and how it shapes the way we think and perform. He’s now applying what he’s learned to create elegant, functional floor plans and building arrangements that are designed for the way work gets done today. Generative buildings, for example, encourage collaboration, creativity and chance meetings with people you don’t see every day. Read more

Professional development: The millennial motivator

You’ve heard the stigmas. You’ve witnessed their strengths. They’re likely all over your office. In fact, they’re probably climbing the management ladder of your organisation. Millennials are quickly becoming the biggest players in the modern workforce.

Research by PwC found that by 2020, their generation will make up 50 per cent of the global workforce. Defined as anyone born between 1980 and 2000, the millennial generation have left a lot of business leaders scratching their heads. As such, there has been plenty of research dedicated to better understanding this demographic. Read more