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Why Inclusive Leadership is Critical to Solving the World’s Greatest Challenges

Two months ago we ran a webinar on Diversity and Inclusion. We were blown away by the response.

Our biggest audience ever tuned into hear how a Whole Brain Approach to Thought Diversity can help organisations and individuals come to terms with diversity. You only have to hear the daily news to know how diverse the world is and how badly we do at inclusion.

It is a big issue for us all.

I know that as CEO of an organisation that does business across Asia, we have to encourage and thrive on inclusiveness and diversity of all kinds.

Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of our entire business. It is what Whole Brain® Thinking is all about. Being able to tap into the full range of different perspectives, ideas and backgrounds are what makes us better, more effective leaders. As we all focus on our goals, implement, collaborate and innovate, we depend on the synergy that diversity brings us as a team and as partners working with diverse clients, organisations and thinkers around the world.

The question is “How do you include people, at the right time for the right things?”

That is the topic for our next webinar, on June 8. Five strategies for turning Diversity of Thought into Business Value.

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