VIVID Ideas Festival

Herrmann International Asia presenting at the VIVID Ideas Festival

I’m very excited to announce that Herrmann International Asia will be presenting at the VIVID Ideas Festival at the MCA in partnership with Gemini3 and their curated event The End of Nine to Five

The End of Nine to Five in the workforce

Most organisations are still built around Nine to Five but the workforce is changing, driving a demand from employees that different structures of work need to be considered. There are internal and external forces at work here – for instance, many organisations particularly online need to cope with a 24-hour demand from customers. Global organisations also have time zones to consider internally and externally  – clients and customers still need to come first in this change.

Whole Brain® Thinking can be used to question everything. It’s a powerful model to understand these shifting needs and the concept of the new workplace. We are not just talking about work-life balance and accommodating flexibility – it’s much more diverse than that. By understanding your employees thinking preferences you can begin accommodating differences so the employee and the employer both win. 

Each company would see this concept differently anyway. A Whole Brain® lens ensures that companies consider how everyone might see it.

The bottom line is…..the end of Nine to Five is coming whether you are ready or not.


Both Michael Morgan Founder and CEO and Rosemi Fitchett Master Trainer and Psychologist from Herrmann International Asia will be presenting at Vivid Ideas Festival -‘The end of Nine to Five’. They will be answering questions such as:

  • How do you structure an effective team using Whole Brain® Thinking? And,
  • How can you work differently to enhance performance?
  • How can your workplace have that edge – how can it be the place your employees want it to be?

For more on our involvement at the VIVID Festival of Ideas at the MCA and to buy tickets click here.

*If you are part of the Herrmann Network, contact us for a special discount code to use when ordering.

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