Flight Centre Network Event

At the end of April, Herrmann International Asia treated HBDI® Practitioners and their guests to Networking Breakfasts in both Sydney and Melbourne.

We were lucky enough to have Melissa Armstrong, General Manager from Goldmind, Flight Centre Travel Group as our guest presenter. Melissa is certified as a HBDI® Practitioner and also certified in MBTI, Extended DISC and NLP.

Human Brain Dominance Instrument “HBDI”

It is HBDI® which Melissa has found truly resonates with Flight Centre’s culture and employees – it is her go-to tool. She shared how she initially presented the Whole Brain® Model to a global Flight Centre leadership conference in Las Vegas, profiling all attendees. She had such a positive response that she consequently led the HBDI® profiling and training of over 2,500 people in APAC alone and hundreds more in the USA, Canada, South Africa and the UK. 

Flight Centre have embedded Whole Brain® Thinking into many of their leadership activities, improving self-awareness and team communication. The next thought is to move the technology across sales teams, enhancing internal culture and Flight Centre’s already well-established customer service excellence.

Now at Goldmind, Flight Centre Travel Group, Melissa is taking Whole Brain® Thinking into other organisations with great results.  

Read more about how Whole Brain® Thinking can work for your organisation here 

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