Thinking Agility

Thinking Agility – Developing Your Mental Muscles

Being an Agile Thinker is just like developing any other muscle. You have to work at it.

Here is a quick, easy and Whole Brain way to develop your mental Agility.

Pick one activity a day from the list below or repeat one until you feel that you’ve got it, then move to another. 

A. Analysis

  • Prepare an objective critique of an issue you are facing by analyzing the key components.
  • Get excited about data analysis by searching online for data about it and analyse what you can learn from it.
  • Take an article or blog post you have recently read and analyze the evidence that is provided to support the ideas. Is it sufficient? Practice doing this as you do your reading throughout the week.

B. Execution 

  • Identify something you are procrastinating about and determine why. Then take action on the first step you need to get it going again.
  • Search online and download one of many “anti-procrastination” apps. Try using it for at least two weeks.
  • Read a book on execution (many exist) and look for ways to bring the concepts into your day-to-day perspective.

C. Interpersonal 

  • Pick a work relationship that you struggle with and step into the shoes of that person. Think about what their challenges are and how they see the world. Reevaluate your interaction. How does your perspective on them shift?
  • Look over your contact list and find three people you might reconnect with, just to check in and say hello. Take the initiative to reach out and find out how they are—with no other agenda than that.
  • Practice networking by attending an event or reaching out to other colleagues you know less well and focusing on others by making good eye contact and using these phrases: Tell me more about…, How did you get into…, What is your greatest challenge… and see how much more connected you feel.

D. Innovative Thinking

  • Seek out a “unique” person who is quite different than you are, and spend time being curious and understanding how that person thinks so you can learn something of value from the experience.
  • Search online for blogs, articles, and apps that you would never think to read or try and see what ideas emerge from the process.
  • Pick a problem you have been working on and think of three crazy ideas that actually solve it.
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