ThinkCentered™ Selling

Applying Whole Brain® Thinking to selling, with a modular design based on the phases of the sales process.

ThinkCentered™ Selling is a two-day, modular program that focuses on skill-building and application of Whole Brain® Thinking concepts to sales.

Our clients use this program as part of their broader sales training initiatives to embed Whole Brain® Thinking into their sales process and strategy.

Learning Sections

Each section is designed to stand alone or be delivered as part of the full program. The program also includes pre-work (HBDI® assessment and online profile debrief) and post-class action planning, with online coaching tools for sales managers.

  1. ThinkCentered™ Sales
  2. ThinkCentered™ Prospecting
  3. ThinkCentered™ Discovery
  4. ThinkCentered™ Proposing and Presenting
  5. ThinkCentered™ Managing Concerns

Learning Objectives

  • Explore Whole Brain® strengths and frustrations in selling, and connect Whole Brain® Thinking to the sales process.
  • Conduct Whole Brain® research to connect with new clients or new decision makers in a more engaging and effective manner.
  • Use Whole Brain® Thinking to identify clues to a prospect’s thinking preferences and communicate in a more thoughtful manner.
  • Apply the Whole Brain® Thinking System to create and deliver effective proposals and presentations that recognize and respond to a decision maker’s thinking preferences.
  • Use Whole Brain® Thinking to address client concerns and objections by understanding what matters most to them and recognizing and adapting to their thinking preferences.

Speak to a Whole Brain® Strategist to see if this module is right for you.