We’re all bombarded with email. The temptation to delete, file or ignore is real.

The Real Reason They’re Not Reading Your Emails

You've just experienced the power of context. Your brain searches for it constantly. And while it searches, you won't be paying attention to anything else.

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How can understanding thinking preferences improve efficiency in your organisation?

What does thinking have to do with business efficiency?

Business efficiency and thinking preferences are more closely connected than you might think. When we better understand how we think we can improve our problem solving skills, give our communication skills a boost and even align core business values! Let's explore how exactly this works.
Herrmann worked with guests in Auckland to identify new approaches to wellness.

Wellness and Whole Brain Thinking: An Auckland Breakfast Seminar

Herrmann recently held a breakfast seminar in Auckland to explore the importance of wellness and where Whole Brain Thinking fits into the equation. So, how can we better approach our own wellbeing and the wellness of those around us? Let's take a closer look.
How does diversity benefit your business?

How does diversity benefit your business?

Diversity is more than a business buzzword. It's a strategic investment. When you have a staff of diverse employees your company as a whole is more likely to be successful. This article will take a look at the research and explain why diversity is so important.
Here's why you should be making a not-to-do list.

You need to make a not-to-do list: Here’s why.

It can seem like becoming more productive comes down to creating a detailed to-do-list. But what if we told you the key to productivity has less to do with addition and more to do with subtraction? Here's why you should start making a not-to-do list.
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